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When I have the luxury of time, my favourite thing to do is to dream up fantastical collaborations outside of the weddings we do.

This time, we joined forces with Harpers BAZAAR US on their very first haute-couture fashion shoot in China. The Wedding Atelier produced this shoot alongside the vision of the ever-talented Carrie Lauren, captured through the lens of our favourite KT Merry.

An old Chinese Proverb goes, “Up in the Heavens, we have paradise; Down here on Earth, we have Suzhou and Hangzhou.”

Naturally, the shoot location was set for Hangzhou, specifically in the breathtaking Amanfayun. Special thanks to Cathay Pacific for getting the whole crew (along with treasure chests of couture wear) across the Atlantic.

Shooting 20 haute-couture looks in 48 hours on exotic grounds was no easy task. Dancing dragons, rowing boatmen, flying 红包... We delved deep into Chinese traditions and pulled out all the stops. The end results still sent chills down my spine.

Read the full feature (where Kevin Kwan weights in!) on the link here.

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