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Choosing a wedding planner is akin to choosing a trusted advisor, confidante, and counsel. We are your guide and conductor for arguably the most important day of your life. Planning a wedding can take anywhere from months to years (our clients engage us on average 15 months before their big day), involving a full symphony of professionals and collaborators. 

This means doing ample research and asking relevant questions to find your best match. Your planner should be someone who matches your personality and style, demonstrates an innate understanding of your circle, and equipped with the right experience to bring your wedding vision to life.

at The Wedding Atelier, we recommend that you start the process by narrowing down a list of 3 potential planners. People in your network is a good source of information or through relevant publications that match your lifestyle for your initial search.


Take time to review each planner’s online presence: their website, social media channels, portfolios and client testimonials. A professional planner should at least have a proper digital presence. This will give you a better understanding of their style, aesthetics and the level of services that they offer.


We insist on meeting all of our potential clients in person before any engagement happens. It is crucial for both sides to have a connection and understand if there is a good fit and there's no better way than to physically meet and have a human-level conversation.


Prepare a list of questions ahead of time to make the best use of this meeting. Important topics to discuss are fees, timelines, their previous experiences and the scope of services they can offer to you.


Ask for references and an opportunity to speak to past client.

You’ve had your consultations and they all went great... Now what? Our best piece of advice when finalizing your wedding planner choice is selecting one who you connected with instantly during your meeting because you will be working closely together for an extended period of time!


Professionalism and experience aside, chemistry is something you definitely need to consider when choosing a planner. Ensure your personalities mesh, and that the planner is someone you will genuinely enjoy collaborating with. You’ll find out with time that he or she will be your fashion stylist, your etiquette advisor, your budget controller and your best confidante. So spare no efforts in ensuring he or she is the perfect one for you.

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