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A rare behind the scenes video depicting what goes into a wedding here at The Wedding Atelier.

We dream big and always strike to make the impossible possible for our clients. The end result is always spectacular, but rarely does one see what really goes on before the curtain is raised. Here's scenes of us working relentlessly transforming an idyllic island in the middle of the Indian Ocean into a dream come true.

A wedding on an untouched island in the middle of the ocean takes years of hard work and impossibly detailed coordination.


We carve out a mini logistics department, with team members solely dedicated to ensuring every piece of furniture, stalk of flower, rod and structure is properly numbered and arrives safely on location months before us. And when trucks don't exist on the island? We ship in our own, via cranes.

These mammoth items are challenging, but nothing compares to the complexity of dealing with flowers. My Floral Atelier team are not just experts in floristry, but creative engineers constructing man-made water bodies in any setting to hydrate the tonnes of fresh florals flown in. They ensure no stalk goes to waste, no bloom neglected.

Then rain or shine, the team works relentlessly against the clock to curtain call. Days turn into nights turn into days, until it all culminates into that one show-stopping moment. And that moment's satisfaction alone makes it all worthwhile, and makes us go at it all over again.

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