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“As some of you might already know, a year ago the team and I embarked on an extraordinary journey with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). After a year of conceptualisation, months of travelling to 12 different cities, the documentary Million Dollar Wedding Planner is now complete. This hour-long documentary plays witness to The Atelier & Co.’s world as we plan, design and execute weddings through our brands The Wedding Atelier and The Floral Atelier.

Many worthy stories go untold, so the significance of the BBC committing time and effort to share our story with the world is not lost on me. The goal at The Atelier & Co. has never been to be recognised, but to create work worthy of recognition. We hold this small but important distinction close to our hearts, and it is deeply rooted in our philosophy and approach to our work.

Million Dollar Wedding Planner screens today in the United Kingdom at 9pm on BBC2, and will be distributed worldwide after. I hope you have the chance to view the full documentary when it hits your shores and that you will enjoy our story.

And for my fellow industry friends, I am most comforted to see increasing recognition for all our hearts, sweat and tears in our world of weddings, events and flowers. Let’s keep creating magic together for our wonderful clients who so gamely entrust us with the biggest day of their lives.”

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